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Sport Injuries

professional chiropractic expert helping with sport injuries

If you play any type of sport you are susceptible to injuries. It doesn't matter how good you are, you can always experience an injury while performing any type of physical activity. Some sports are more prone to injuries than others. However, regardless of the sport or the level of physical activity involved an athlete is putting themselves in harm’s way. However, when injuries occur, there is relief found at Topeka Chiropractic. We know how painful a sports injury can be and the extent to which they may occur. We are equipped to handle them for you.

Common Sports Injuries

Our chiropractors treat the following sports injuries most often.

  1. Neck injuries – The most common neck injury is whiplash. This happens when the athlete is forcefully pushed. They can recover from this type of injury but some neck injuries are more severe and can cause spinal damages.
  2. Pinched Nerves – Many athletes experience pinched nerves and don’t even know it. This may be due to a spinal injury due to sports. A pinched nerve can be so severe that it feels as though it is some other type of nerve pain. They live with it and play through the pain when they don’t have to.

Why Visit A Chiropractor

Sports are fun and can be exciting. However, if an athlete wants to continue to play sports in the best condition possible, they should visit a chiropractor when they sustain an injury. The problem that many make is just reasoning that the pain will go away, which it does. However, the underlying problem is still there. They only compound the problem when they continue playing sports without ever addressing the problem. To continue to play at maximum capacity, it is important to address pain as it is something that will eventually affect your ability to play sports.

How A Chiropractic Treats Sports Injuries

There are a variety of ways that we can treat a sports injury. However, before we can treat the problem, we have to identify where the problem is coming from. We have to find the root cause of the pain that the patient is experiencing. In most cases, we make adjustments to the pine or the neck to reduce inflammation. Once we do this then it often improves joint functioning and can reduce the amount of pain the patient feels. We treat sports injuries according to the type of injury and based on the extent of the injuries.

Why Visit Topeka Chiropractic

We are known for the effective methods that we use to treat sports injuries. Our chiropractors have a list of athletes that they treat on an on-going basis, as it helps with their performance. They are familiar with how to manipulate the right muscles and make the right type of spinal adjustments to help athletes perform at his or her absolute best.  When you visit Topeka Chiropractic, we guarantee that you’ll find the relief that you need when you are in pain.

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