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Chiropractic Adjustment

professional chiropractic expert doing an adjustment

If you are thinking about having chiropractic adjustments made then come visit us at Topeka Chiropractic. Perhaps your physician has suggested that you have chiropractic adjustments made. This is a great way to increase your range of motion and improving function. If you are feeling muscles tense up and you don't believe that you're back or neck pain is improving, allow us to see if chiropractic manipulation is right for you. We won't do anything until we have evaluated you to determine exactly what needs to be done. Our chiropractor will also identify exactly where the pain stems from.

What Is A Chiropractic Adjustment

A chiropractic adjustment involves:

  • High intensity, lever arm thrust into the vertebra
  • Audible joint cavitation by releasing oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen
  • Although minor discomfort may occur, it offers relief for muscles that are in spasm

Joint cracking won’t always occur and this is generally because of a lot of muscle splinting or it may be due to the patient’s inability to relax while they are being treated. In this case, the chiropractor may apply ice or perform electrical stimulation and perform a massage before trying chiropractic adjustments. This should only be done by a qualified, licensed chiropractor.

Chiropractic Adjustment Methods

Various manipulation methods can be performed by the chiropractic, and there is a right way and wrong way to perform high intensity, low amplitude manipulation. When visiting Topeka Chiropractic, we will thoroughly evaluate the patient to determine when and how they should be adjusted. Our chiropractors do not take chances because they don’t want to cause further pain to the patient when it isn’t necessary. There is some measure of pain, such as achiness or soreness in the muscles. This is usually within the first couple of hours after the treatment but usually ends within the first 24-hours.

Attentive Chiropractors

If you're interested in having adjustments made to any part of your body, you should consider relying on someone who demonstrates personal interest and who is attentive. You want someone who will listen to you so that they can make the right adjustments at the correct time. The chiropractor will know how frequently the patient will need to be adjusted if they are attentive. Our chiropractor's desire to provide our patients with the best care possible means that they are attentive to the needs of everyone who comes to visit us.

Quality Chiropractic Treatments

Our practice receives a lot of business from referrals. This is not just because of the attention that they receive from our chiropractors but because they receive high-quality chiropractic care. We don't just lay our hands on our patients before we discuss our procedure and have developed a plan of treatment. Our patients must know what they can expect when they visit our offices. They should be prepared for any additional pain that they may experience due to the type of adjustments that we provide to them. We guarantee that you’ll receive results from our efforts.

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